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The Miller and McAfee Press believe that most cutting edge contemporary art is to be seen in small independent and commercial galleries. We are also aware of the restrictions and barriers that confront people when visiting these galleries and are working towards a greater availability of critical information with which the viewer can engage in the processes and debates embodied in contemporary art. We believe that press releases, gallery information panels and many current art reviews cannot function in this way. They serve the art galleries' and art historians' interests and essentially spoon feed the public useless information. The exhibition packs do not take these forms, and make no indisputable statements. The information contained within them encourages a confidence in the viewer to engage critically with the work. This is achieved not by an academic drill, but rather by an exposure of the processes that have led to the creation of the artwork, both conceptual and practical. The work can then be considered on a level that allows a more transparent approach and more thorough interrogation of its existence.


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